Misti Wills

I have a fascination with umbrellas on stage. Perhaps it is the force of nature they represent or the uncontrollable human experiences they mirror. The-Umbrellas-Of-Cherbour-007 I love seeing them in color like a red one amidst neutral ones, or the green huddle used in Peter and the Starcatcher. I also enjoy the monochromatic bouquet variety like the black ones used to represent the funeral in Act 3 of Our Town. Sarah Ruhl Play with Glowing Umbrellas The theater grabs the real life "caught in the rain" moments and captivates the audience through a universal recognition of such experiences. I'm most interested in the messier life moments on stage. Those emotion blinding confusing changing the character's trajectory moments. Where metaphoric symbols represent a truth more genuinely and impact-fully than the spoken word.


An umbrella can be used to shield a character from the life elements or inspire an impromptu dance in the rain. It can become a weapon of mass destruction in a fist fight or symbolize a character\'s readiness for relationship when snuggled together with a significant other under its sheltering presence. The possibilities for its uses are endless.

First-Blog-Entry-Umbrellas3-300x162However they are used, I’m drawn to powerful storytelling intertwined with metaphoric symbols on stage. Perhaps my next production will take place around a mud pit. Now that's a great place for a little rain to fall.

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  1. Paullette MacDougal says:

    I love your website. Apparently, in your case, it’s not unlucky to open an umbrella indoors. Let it rain!
    Paullette MacDougal

  2. John Grissmer says:

    Very nice work, Misti.

    All best,
    John Grissmer

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